Aug 2, 2017

Context of raising children

There is something that is normal. There is something that is mindless. There is something that is beyond usual.

Some of these notions change with time. I know that. However, it was more to me a fact, and not applied.

When raising children, at times, I felt that they asking for stuff, which we or our parents couldn't afford in childhood or in my judgement is just extravagant, or asking for things, which were not even available in our time, is something not normal. And so this needs to be corrected. Lots of discussions, conflicts arise because of that.

It is important to realise for me that the children are just being themselves in the context of their time and space when that happens. So it doesn't deserve a reprisal. So that's what is being cool about it. Ok, they are fine in their current times

Yet, are they mindful? Was I mindful back then? The answer to that may not be so contextual. And this for sure deserves an inquiry. A critical analysis of how I am and what I do is a very personal exercise and that deserves attention.

When does one get onto this journey of personal awareness -- that's another question.