Jul 31, 2017


Waking up my soul from slumber
But the body still likes to sleep, busy with self
Ignoring the calls, like these
every day, as if,
Been there, done that, enough of this
let me be, and be it would all
settle down, slowly

Unease, there is still, refusing to settle down
something looks for hope, a better way
a better day

When I shut off, these channels, these threads,
these playlists, these groups
and leave my phone behind
I see, I can smell, the flowers, the wind, the burning garbage
I see, the road wet from last night rains
and a sensation of chill on my skin, when I drive
It all looks ok, normal, as if, do all that matter

I am left confused, to be with the bliss
or be with chaos, which is the greater truth
or is it our destiny to see the co-existence
of a disturbing chaos, and a quite nature

So I let it be, for now, and choose to go back to
slumber. May be there is a next day,
for now,
let's get back to work

- Pankaj