May 28, 2014

Kashmir and 370

BJP wanted a debate on 370. It's happening now. What we hear from both Omar and Mehbooba, is unfortunately historically and factually very correct. I personally don't like this 370 business. The sad thing is that Kashmir is lot more complicated than what we would just like to assume through interpreted news.
I am also liking the fact that many other leaders of this country are quiet on this aspect and conversation/confusion/denial is directly between the centre and the accepted leaders in Kashmir. BJP must now show the sensitivity and alacrity to respect the problem and find some genuine solution. Now that the Congress is silent (atleast till today), BJP/RSS is really talking to who really matter.
Very interested to see how it evolves and how mature we are about it.
I often hear Kashmir hamara hain. Wish someday I hear Kashmiri hamare hain (with all their misgivings about the rest of the country)..
Let's hope BJP looks to solve the Kashmir and Kashmiri issue rather than only 370 issue. For this they would have to stop 'parroting' and start 'listening'