Jul 20, 2013

Lemon, Snail and Fear

Today, we did a stop at the Local Nursery and bought lots of plants. One of them was a lemon bush. The helper put this shrub polypot on the back seat of our car. As we were coming back Mitali noticed a snail in the pot. It was quite an entertainment driving back.

When we reached home and settled, snail continued to be a curiosity thing. Mitali and Abhimanyu noticed that it is now eating the leaves of lemon. I don't find snails very attractive and would not touch them. I don't know but what said in me to ask Abhimanyu to lift the snail with hands and drop in the garden below. Abhimanyu ran towards the lemon shrub, lifted it and dropped..

My fears are my fears. Happy that I didn't transfer it to him ! He will never hesitate to touch snails.